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Crop of the Month: Butternut Squash

November 5, 2014 by Hannah No Comment

With its taste reminiscent of the falling leaves and the crisp autumn air, the crop of the month for November is, appropriately, Butternut Squash! Sweet and nutty to the tongue, similar to that of a pumpkin, the butternut squash is characterized by an exterior yellow skin and interior orange fleshy pulp.  Butternut squash turns ripe ...

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Avocado Cocktail

The Avocado Cocktail is a fresh take on modern mixology inspired by spring produce by Colin Tharp. With spring in full swing and beach weather well under way here on the Central Coast we find ourselves inundated not only with fresh, local produce but more than enough excuses to turn those treasures into cocktails and raise a toast to the season. Here at Lido our culinary offerings regularly change to celebrate these seasons, centered around the bounty of new ingredients that each brings with it, and our cocktails are no exception to this annual cycle with each new harvest bringing our mixologists another opportunity to do a little “R&D”.

April: Strawberry Season

First cultivated in ancient Rome, strawberries are now the most popular “berry” in the world, and in Provence, they are believed to be an aphrodisiac. Strawberries are a member of the rose family and aren’t a fruit or berry, but an enlarged flower receptacle.

Marisol’s Heavenly Muffin Goddess

Perched atop the bluffs of Shell Beach, The Cliffs Resort offers gorgeous ocean views, making it the perfect place for vacationing families and their dogs, romantic wine country getaways, and those in search of exquisite culinary exploration. Case-in-point: Marisol at the Cliffs, their critically acclaimed restaurant.

Irish Soda Bread: The Luck of the Irish but the Dread of the Bread

My daughter has become obsessed with all things Irish – including the vanishing language Gaelic, jigs and reels, and of course, the dreaded dense and dry soda bread. Being raised in an Italian family, the culinary traditions of the Irish are completely foreign to me, however, being a typical mother that wants to encourage her ...

Agritourism Adventures in Wine Coast Country: Morro Creek Avocado Ranch by Tina Swithin

Oh, how I love the Central Coast! Being that I am a lifelong resident of San Luis Obispo County, one would assume that I would know this county like the back of my hand. That isn’t necessarily true- it seems like there is always something exciting to discover in my beloved Wine Coast Country.

Executive Chef Steve Walls of Apple Farm Restaurant: Grilled Pork Loin Chop

Executive Chef Steve Walls of Apple Farm Restaurant is one of the most talented and creative chefs of authentic American and California cuisine. For the harvest season, he has created a great fall dish to share with me. It’s a grilled pork loin chop with apple, fennel and bacon chutney. The Apple Farm Restaurant is ...

Mexican Cocoa Muffins

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, Mexican culture has had a strong impact on my life and a huge influence in my creations. Many of my friends were first generation Mexican American; I’ve made tamales and tortillas with their mothers and grandmothers; tried to dance quebraditas unsuccessfully; and took quite a few tequila shots.

Providence’s Maple Muffins (with little editing by her mother)

With all the traveling I do going to California Food and Wine festivals, just being home on the weekends is a luxury. My eldest daughter Providence has taken quite an interest in baking and one of her favorite pastries is a Starbuck’s pecan maple scone. Using a basic muffin recipe, she (with a little help ...

Panzanella Made with Whole Foods Market Cibatta

Panzanella with Whole Foods Market Cibatta: Every Friday, I purchase the Cibatta two-loaf pack from Whole Foods Market for only $3.99. First, on Friday night, the fresh cibatta is accompanied by a good glass of wine, a saucer of olive oil and grated Parmaggiano Reggiano and a plate of olives, almonds, figs and cherries while ...