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Scent: Wild As The Wind

The power of scent is terribly underrated by most of us.  Everyone longs for sensation — like the experience of when you see someone and it hits you like a thunderbolt as the Sicilianos call it.  Frankly, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful people in my day, but looks don’t seem to strike me with [...]


Chick Magnet

I thought that one of the craziest decisions that  I ever made was to procure my horse Fabio, a retired and compromised polo champion as  I like to remind people.  At one time this horse was quite the athlete and at 26 years of age, he remains the Jack Lalanne of  horses. After Fabio became [...]


Why I Love Wine

“Wine is bottled poetry.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

La Vita Fresca knows that a perfect Valentine’s Day is spent cuddling up with tuo amore and enjoying your favorite bottle of wine.  We have reposted this article written by our very own Barrie Cleveland also of California Winery Advisor, wine expert extraordinaire.   Cheers to lots of  love today and every day!

Why [...]


The Father of California Wine

My ten year old is now in fourth grade and in California, the State Standards require that California State history be taught and this includes the extensive study of the California Missions.  Now, to compound the issue, she attends a Catholic school, so some of the historical information has been “cleansed” and it’s customary to [...]


Good Morning from Appalachia, California

It’s 4am. I am now enjoying my coffee, biscotti, and my five cats are all sitting on the table staring at me even after they’ve eaten — it’s all mental telepathy with those guys. I’m starting to wonder about the things I do for them that were, unbeknownst to me,  planted in my mind by [...]


Thanksgiving Irony

It is so pop culture to blame our parents for our short-comings and not to accept responsibility for our actions and behaviors.  So I’m going to jump in here and add myself to the list of adult children whining about their family who has contributed somehow to a major deficiency in their life.  Two years [...]