Humbled by the Noblest of Wines: 2009 Pinot Noir Edna Valley


After a Saturday of enjoying the much-coveted Sea Smoke Pinot Noir “allocation” left in the cabin of my friend, he offered me a consolation — a glass of 2009 Kynsi Pinot Noir Edna Valley. To say I was humbled is not enough. No, I was as smitten at my first taste by this Kynsi and remained smitten four days later enjoying the last of this beloved bottle as I wrote this review.

Meeting the nose is heirloom bourbon rose, crushed pomegranate, and ripe black figs. On the palette is bright red fruit of Santa Rosa plum, tangy tamarind, and wild amarena cherries. The tart cherry and acidity tantalize the tongue, however, the wine still manages to roll like silk around the mouth, much like the softness of when you crush a very ripe boysenberry on the roof of your mouth. The maple syrup and warm hint of allspice on the finish make it a very mindful glass of wine that stays with you, causing you to think about it long after it’s gone.


I am very fortunate to be able to enjoy many good Central Coast Wines, but this one was different – I can’t remember being so enchanted, enamored, and infatuated with a wine… “What a shame” rolls off my tongue as the last drop drips from the bottle into my glass. And what a shame if both you and I don’t pick up a case before it’s all gone. 2009 PINOT NOIR – Edna Valley ($32.00)

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