Kitchen Aid Professional 600 Stand Mixer

Some of my earliest culinary memories include a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and the unmistakable drone of the paddle with its ingredients slapping the chrome bowl. My grandmother being of Croatian descent was always a believer in “why make one batch of something when you could make six?” Most times when I would go to her house, the Kitchen Aid mixer was busy whirring around and the possibilities were endless. Maybe today would be the day it would hold the most spectacular fresh bread you had ever tried. Homemade pasta? Royal icing to decorate a birthday cake? Which divine creation would fill her bowl and her house with the unmistakable smell of cooking from the heart?

My grandmother could easily go down as the world’s most humble cook, constantly critiquing her cooking and baking and pointing out what she would do differently to improve her recipe the next time. She owned countless cookbooks and binders crammed with the latest LA Times cooking section recipes. While the eager recipients of her delicious cooking were always overjoyed with what she had made, my grandmother would wrinkle her nose and lower her head in embarrassed appreciation of the compliments. However, one thing she was steadfast about: start every great recipe with your Kitchen Aid mixer. I observed for years countless eggs being cracked on the side of the bowl and endless amounts of incredible ingredients scraped down with a spatula. I’ve watched many a dough rise and witnessed a “flop” or two all with the expectation that I too would own one of those hearty, professional-quality mixers one day.

La Vita Fresca unanimously agree that this darling of each of our kitchens is an absolute must- have. With a 575 watt motor, a 6-quart stainless steel wide-mouth bowl and accessories that include a Powerknead™ Spiral Dough Hook, Flat Beater, and Stainless Steel Wire Whip, there’s nothing my Kitchen Aid Professional 600 Stand Mixer can’t do. In addition to whipping up the always reliable and ever so delicious LVF pizza crust, my Kitchen Aid Professional 600 stand mixer has been host to my very best creations and equally important, some of my very best memories.