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Scent: Wild As The Wind

The power of scent is terribly underrated by most of us.  Everyone longs for sensation — like the experience of when you see someone and it hits you like a thunderbolt as the Sicilianos call it.  Frankly, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful people in my day, but looks don’t seem to strike me with [...]


Learning to Cook Healthy: Steidel’s Edamame & Pea Salad Recipe

What sets Chef Linda Steidel apart from other chefs and cookbook authors is that she is much more than a great chef — she’s a teacher.  She takes the home cook and with ease and understanding, makes them into a chef. Yesterday at Torrance Memorial Hospital’s Farmer’s Market,  Chef Linda Steidel taught the crowd how [...]


The Avocado Next Door

I love trees and I’ve never met one that I couldn’t find something beautiful about with one exception – the homely avocado tree.  It’s awkward –it’s huge –it’s blossoms are indiscernible and the fruit is unapproachable.  It seems like one has to wait months before you’ll ever get to taste it and it’s an inedible [...]