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Warming Up to Ice Wine

The first time I tried Ice Wine, it was like a first kiss: sweet, soft and lingering both on my palate and my mind for the rest of the night.  I know champagne and sparkling wines are always a tradition for Valentine’s Day, but what about a little sweetness for your sweetheart?  The pleasurable and [...]


The Wine Guru: Wines for Christmas Dinner, Chocolate & Gifts

My Guru and I, accompanied by our friends Lissa, Rosalind and John, spent hours tasting different kinds foods and chocolates (even Peppermint Bark); pairing the foods and chocolates with wines; and consequently, taste testing the combinations and then, coming to a consensus on our findings. Here are our California Food & Wine reviews for the [...]


Central Coast Wines for Indian Summer

Even though summer is coming to a close, some of our warmest weeks are still ahead of us. I asked my trusted wine guru, Ash Mehta, for a couple recommendations for Central Coast Wines that will best compliment those romantic Indian Summer Picnics or terrace dinners of fresh cool salads, cheese, charcuterie and fruit.


Contemplating The Sexiness of Wine

On Wednesday, I was a guest of Dan Dunn, The Imbiber, on his premier Playboy Radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio.  The topic was “the sexiness of wine.”  It was great fun to be his guest and he is a crazy, intelligent, hilarious person but the most entertaining part was sending out a request for [...]

Butterflies or Wine? Decisions, Decisions…

Butterflies or Wine tasting — decisions, decisions…oh, what shall I do first? It’s that time of year again – no, not when the swallows return to Capistrano but better yet, when thousands of  Monarch Butterflies hover over Pismo Beach’s Butterfly Trees – limbs of Eucalyptus and Monterey Pines.  They’re absolutely fascinating and will remain in [...]

Weekend Escapes to the Central Coast

Desperate for a place to get out of town and leave behind the stresses of Los Angeles, I blessedly found California’s Mecca for food & wine lovers, wide-open space cravers, ocean worshippers, hikers walkers & cyclists, art junkies and just lovers: California’s Central Coast & Valley. Recently, I have had the good fortune of attending [...]