Where Acai Meets the Sea

January 5, 2015 by Hannah No Comment

Acai finally meets the sea as Kravabowls, Avila’s newest blossoming business, brings a fresh and revitalizing spin to the community. With their soft opening only occurring this past November, Kravabowls has not only found immediate success in the area, but a new style of healthy living.

Founded on the principles of body revitalization, the team at Kravabowls has designed a menu that is full of fresh ideas and fresh ingredients—each ingredient coming with its own source of vitamins and benefits.

And that’s exactly the impact founders Mark and Jacki Mantel want to have on the area, to benefit it and refresh Avila with new healthy options. The Mantels first bit into an acai bowl years ago in San Diego, and said to have craved it ever since. That craving then inspired them to bring their beloved bowls to one of their most cherished spots, as they’ve always been fans of Avila’s unparalleled weather, views, and options for outdoor fun.

So once the Mantels found the right piece of property, they finally got to begin their mission to better serve the community of Avila with healthy, quality food—which is created only with fresh local produce that is non-gmo and pesticide free.

With their store bursting with bowls of every flavor, Kravabowls presents customers with a variety of menu options that all offer their own individual health benefits. Currently, Kravabowls offers 7 types of Acai Bowls, 5 types of Breakfast Bowls, 6 types of Cold Pressed Juices, 4 salads, and 8 varieties of smoothies.

There is the classic Kravabowl, that’s rich with acai, the dark purple berry that contains 16 types of antioxidants that protect against free radicals and promote overall increased energy.  Or if you’re feeling a little green, there’s the Green Please bowl that blends acai berries and bananas perfectly with unlikely ingredients like Broccoli, Spinach, and Ginger to give you a huge dose of your daily fruit and vegetable intake.

However, Kravabowls dedication to better living doesn’t stop at their fresh acai bowls, as they also wish to improve the earth with each meal– every bowl, cutlery, and beverage cup is made with only 100% plant-based compostable packaging non derived from oil. They even compost food scraps in their kitchen, and have composting and recycling stations for customers to compost their own waste.

Kravabowl’s new energy has already spread throughout SLO County, as their name and popularity seem to grow everyday. You can visit Kravabowls at 491 lst Street, Avila Beach. Or explore their website for more info at

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